Shimano Dura-Ace 32-11T Cassette


Put a 32-11T Cassette on your Shimano Dura-ace Drivetrain
32-11T Cassette on a Shimano Dura-ace Drivetrain

I’ve started to get into endurance type riding.  I was doing 50+ mile rides on the hybrid bike, but it was time to graduate to a road bike.  I bought a new Trek Domane SL8 road bike that has carbon with more carbon and a full Shimano Dura-ace group set.  It came with a compact crank (50/34) paired with a 30-11T cassette.  Since I am doing some events with 7000+ feet of climbing, I wanted to be able to “call granny” to save my ass when my legs turn to rubber.  The largest Dura-ace rear cassette is 30-11T, but you can swap in a Shimano Ultegra R8000 32-11T cassette without any problems.  I didn’t have to lengthen the chain or do any other trickery such as using a Roadlink by Wolf Tooth..  The image above shows that the derailleur is not hitting the cassette even when in “big-big.”

Heath and Happiness on an Index Card

Over a year ago, I decided to make big changes in my life, take some time off, and invest in myself, especially my health.  I did a bunch of research and ran “mini-experiments” (aka “hacking” myself) to test out different things: how food affected me, how exercise changed my hunger, types of exercise, etc.

A while back I stumbled across an index card with financial advice by Harold Pollack.  It was brilliantly simple as it was effective – very simple advice that is easy to follow and will positively impact your financial well being over time.  So in the same spirit I’ve decided to write down simple things I’ve done that have dramatically transformed my health and happiness.  There”s no “good” vs. “bad” or “right” vs. “wrong.”  These are just some guidelines/suggestions for things to try.


Simple Health Tips on an Index Card
Simple Health Tips on an Index Card