Machine Learning to Eat Free

This hack is brilliant:
In today’s digital age, a large Instagram audience is considered a valuable currency. I had also heard through the grapevine that I could monetize a large following — or in my desired case — use it to have my meals paid for. So I did just that.

I created an Instagram page that showcased pictures of New York City’s skylines, iconic spots, elegant skyscrapers — you name it. The page has amassed a following of over 25,000 users in the NYC area and it’s still rapidly growing.

Why We Cannot Have Nice Things: Comment SPAM

Just finished trashing 183 spam comments.  The spam techniques were interesting – some used flattery to try to disguise the spam, others were just flat out proud of their spam.  I could install comment filtering tools, but that’s work and cost.  Time to change the comment settings.

Hello WordPress

I’ve wanted to host a blog for a bit now, and was leaning towards using a WordPress host.  I’ll pay them a little fee, my small little blog gets on the ‘ole Interwebs, the hosting company gets the headache and I get to focus on writing about stuff.

However, with the easy access to cloud technologies and architectures, this would be a lost opportunity.  I’ve had to build and run an ecommerce platform before and it’s work. Even if you automate a lot of stuff, you still have the operational issues such as having to work thru a bad patch, preventing malicious traffic, scaling traffic, browser differences, etc.

I don’t want that level of a headache, but I figure I can create a site that can be highly scalable, fully automated, but at a basic wordpress hosting price point.  I’ll write up the details and gotcha’s in a future post.